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Working with “Alice in Wonderland”, I felt those descents into endless holes in the ground, perhaps hidden places, away from the light. In an instant, everything started to belong to the realm of doubt. My first pieces in wood began to emerge from that experience.

I wanted to talk about abundance, but suddenly knew that I was actually talking about what is not there, the void, and I found myself again making bowls, hollows filled with nothing or almost nothing. Since then, I kept on looking for hidden places, old hiding places, crevices, containers of many things and of nothing at the same time, inhabited by silent presences. Now I invent them, construct them, give them voice. I rescue objects and materials that were on the way to oblivion and return to communicate a minimal story.

I realized that we constantly play with the destiny of things, and with our own. Soon after we are born we understand that what we know and love unconditionally, can disappear and immediately reappear again and again. A deep peace invades us. Years go by and one day we know for the first time that something that was is not going to be any more.